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An e-gold based game.

  We deal only in e-gold so if you don't have an e-gold account...

 click on the e-gold logo to get one for free.

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Please do not invest your rent/mortgage money, as we all know these games have some risk to them!

I've noticed that most games of this type promise to pay 150-400%!!!! That is quite ridiculous if you ask me. Too many losers in high paying % games like that! Here is a lower paying % game. but unlike most this one pays more of the investors ... with less losers when and if the game is ended.

  This is how it works:

  You invest 21.50 to account in form below.

1.50 is broken down as follows:

0.75 is processing fee

and 0.75 is spent to a back-up account in the event that the game ends.

This allows us to pay some of the would be losers in the event that the game gets no further response.

  Your buyout is within 24 hours or next person joins (which ever comes first).


No Referal bonus paid...this dips into your profits and also endangers the longevity of the game!

  Now you are probably looking at this and saying....but Frank....My profit is only 2.50!!!!

  Well I tend to agree...It is not a significant profit at first glance...But look at it this way...

  1. you put your 21.50 into any financial institution...How much interest will you make on that in 24 hours?
  2. your 2.50 profit is only one eighth of the intial investment (minus the 1.50 fee and backup money).
  3. for each 9 entries only one loser!!! I've yet to see any program of this nature be able to say they have about a 10% loser rate!!! most are about 40%!!!
  4. Another point to mention here in the above case only 9 people join...8 get paid their 24.00... the game ends...the 9th person in any other game would get 0 this case, due to the fact that everyone is paying 0.75 to the backup fund...This person would get a spend of 6.00 to their account! so they have only lost 15.50 instead of all 21.50! So they get a 3% return on their gamble. At least they havn't lost it all.


Enter 21.50 in the space provided:
USD worth of e-gold

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NOTE:  Any spends under or over the 21.50 WILL be refunded minus 1.50 processing fee. 0.50 to cover the spend charge from e-gold the remainder to go to the back-up account.